Railway vacuum loaders COMPELVAC

COMPELVAC 250 RD and 500 RD (FATRAVAC 17000) is a track machine, self moving in working mode, designed for specilal jobs in tunnels, on bridges as well as between station platforms and also on switches and crossings. Application on railway maintenance:
  • Cleaning the tracks in railway stations and railway lines
  • Cleaning the wagons soiled with different sorts of material
  • Sucking off the ballast out of the switches
  • Removing old ballast from bridges, tunnels and underground tracks
  • Removing sediments from sluices and drainage canals
  • Removing dirty and contaminated ballast from locomotive storage siding and depots
  • Suction of coal, dust, iron ore and other loose materials from tranship centres and preparation plants
  • Uncovering of underground cables at repairs or reconstruction
  • Elimination of consequences after ecological breakdowns on railways
  • Digging the ditches for cables or drainage pipes
  • Digging the holes for concrete fundaments of pillars
  • Preparation works before putting into operation the ballast cleaning machines
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Compelvac 500 RD
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